20 Years of Toys, 20 Years of Joys


For the past 20 years, SS+K has brought
presents to the wonderful students at P.S. 188
some of whom otherwise might not receive gifts this time of year.

While the top toys may have
changed over the last two decades, the
reason we all give remains the same—
spreading joy to others.

We hope this little trip down memory
lane puts you in the same holiday
spirit as it does us.


In 1999 the breakout toy of the year was
Pokémon cards, it was also our Co-Founder
Rob Shepardson’s first time donning his
Santa costume and bringing a truckload
of toys to the students at P.S.188.

1999: Pokémon Cards 1999: Rob Shepardson as Santa


You haven’t seen true joy until you’ve
seen a first grader tear open a brand
new Razor Scooter.

2000: New Razor Scooter 2000: Santa Greeting Kids


As fast as Bratz Dolls were flying
off the shelves, we were wrapping them up.

2001: Wrapping Gifts 2001: Bratz Dolls


We didn’t know what all the fuss about
BeyBlades was (we still don’t), but we
knew they’d be a hit.

2002: Wrapping Gifts 2002: BeyBlades


Remember Clickits?

2003: Clickits 2003: Kids with Their Gifts


Robotics have come a long way in the 17
years since Robosapien. Rob’s Santa costume
is still exactly the same.

2004: Robosapien 2004: Kids with Gifts


Who still has a Tamagotchi?

2005: Tamagotchi 2005: Santa Getting a Hug


We’re sure that you probably heard
enough of Tickle Me Elmo’s laugh around
the holidays, but we can confirm
that kids will never stop loving him.

2006: Tickle Me Elmo 2006: Santa Sitting with Kids


Look closely with Eye-Clops and
you’ll see lots of holiday joy.

2007: Eye-Clops 2007: Santa Handing Out Gifts


Wall-E topped the charts in 2008.
And he filled up the IKEA bags in our truck.

2008: IKEA Bags Filled with Gifts 2008: Wall-E


Very few would’ve predicted
the unprecedented rise of an electric
hamster called ZhuZhu Pets. Except kids,
kids would have predicted it.

2009: Bringing the Gifts 2009: ZhuZhu Pets


Riding the coattails of ZhuZhu Pets
was none other than every kids' favorite,
furry friend—FurReal Friends.

2010: FurReal Friends 2010: Kids Awaiting Gifts


It didn’t matter if they were
in Kindergarten, First, or Second grade,
LeapPads were the most loved toy
on this day for sure.

2011: LeapPads 2011: Kids Opening Gifts


You remember Qwirkle right?
Mix, Match, Score, Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!

2012: Group Wrapping Gifts 2012: Qwirkle


9 years later and we haven’t come
that far from Robosapien. Still, Tekno
the Robotic Puppy was very cute.

2013: The Gifts Are Ready 2013: ZhuZhu Robosapien


If we told you that Frozen dolls
didn’t immediately inspire at least one
rendition of ”Let It Go“ we’d be lying.

2014: Santa Greeting a Child 2014: Frozen Dolls


A long time ago in a galaxy far,
far away… the students at P.S. 188
unwrapped the holidays with BB-8.

2015: Star Wars' BB-8 2015: Santa Talking to Kids


First the kids got to unwrap the gift.
Then they got to unwrap the box.
Then they got to unwrap the eggs.
Then they got to play with their Hatchimals.

2016: Hatchimavls 2016: Santa's Crew On the Way


While to us L.O.L. Surprise may
have felt like a reboot of Bratz, the kids
didn’t seem to mind one bit.

2017: L.O.L Surprise 2017: Santa Handing Out Gifts


Don’t Step In It—an instant classic.

2018: Wrapping Gifts 2018: Don't Step in It Game'


After 20 years of delivering toys,
we wanted to do more. So this year,
we’re putting the amazing teachers at
P.S. 188 on our holiday gift list, too.

2019: Teachers & Santa